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We are a privately owned company founded in 2009. We started in special application designs and evolved into a full-service fire/life safety engineering company with expertise across all relevant big-project disciplines. Today we successfully manage projects all across the State. We are a multi-craft employer and provide a wide variety of services, ranging from single occupancy structures to large specialty hi-rise buildings. 

When schedules matter, we offer a competitive advantage you can count on. We provide outstanding engineering support to our clients that makes projects run smoothly and on schedule. We maintain a steady workforce of skilled senior designers and certified proffessional engineers so that all projects proceed swiftly to conclusion. 

You will find that our engineers take great pride in their designs.
 Our Specialists

  • Board-certified engineers
  • Professional project planners 
  • On-staff senior designers
  • Code Copmliance specialists
  • Special application designers
  • Certified manufacturer associates
  • Construction managers
  • Sub-Contractor sources
Company Profile
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Latest News 

We've just completed the PG&E hi-rise GO Center in San Francisco, California. 34 stories the Fire upgrade design was completed 4 months 

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